This short adventure will allow for creative solutions, only limited by the rules the game, your wit, your eagerness both in or out of combat and the ever changing luck of the dice roll. Expect the use of minatures and as I am terrible at drawing maps I will be making use of tile sets in combination with grid squares. Feel free to bring your own mini or use one of the few I have collected. (I have a small selection but if your character is in PHB I probably have a suitable mini.)

House Rules:
Basically I’m allowing players to retire their characters at level 7, then starting new ones around lv 3. By then the campaign will have enough backstory and npcs developed that we can do other stuff besides contracts. When the 2nd set of characters reach lv 7 I’ll allow you guys to select which one to maintain as a mercenary and which would be an adventurer. Note Mercenary characters become NPC hirelings available to the Adventurers and as such when an unscheduled game occurs they can be randomly available to players to sign on for contracts. A good example is how Velos is usually available if he is sought after and space is available on the contract. Your npc mercenary character is able to decline work if you input limitations based upon his backstory, events unfolded during sessions (loyalty/rivalry with other PCs) or the last action you inform me the mercenary is doing. (Crafting items or using his previous earnings to drink and wench until he’s broke again) This way you may still retain some control over the character and as long as your NPC merc is alive you may freely switch to them at the beginning of a session, as long as you can pay their fee which we will set upon the session that you choose your main character

Current books allowed for character creation: Classes that are not in these books must be reviewed by the DM at least 3 days prior to the next gaming session to allow for encounter balancing. Players Handbook I&II, Complete Aventurer, DMG I&Monster Manual I (for animal companions, familiars and such only) and finally Complete Scoundrel.(Skill Tricks are now purchaseable and useable)recently added Also all feats are available as long as you provide me the book and page #, must be a Dnd book and not a pathfinder

*Undecided*I personally do not agree with the limited healing in 3.5 so will introduce a healing game mechanic that allows for healing when not in combat. It will iniatially heal for 1d4 and then every hour that you are out of combat you will heal 1d6 at the cost of 1 AC per roll communitavely, this penalty cannot surpass -4AC and will wear off once you recieve 8 hrs of rest/sleep. Upon your regeneration being interrupted via combat players can continue healing every hour if no damage is taken or must make a DC 15 heal check to get the regen to continue. If ytthe dc 15 is unsuccesful the player suffers a -1 to their attack bonus in addition to your AC penalty.


Fehr’s Landing is a popular port that boasts an impressive marketplace. It is here that Ming and Sons Adventuring Co. is located. There are military outposts, forests, neighboring villages, abandoned keeps and a group of small islands all within 3-10 day travel time.

Many Adventurers, Mercenaries, and soldiers come to Fehr’s Landing specifically to seek temporary employment or a career with MSAC as they operate with full discretion for the right price and take even the smallest of jobs as there are always mercs to be hired. The one thing that MSAC does not tolerate is the failure of services or inability to to finish a contract. The absolute worse thing a mercenary could do is bring shame or dishonor to MSAC while working under MSAC contract.

Another entity of interest are known as Guardians of the Shadow. Rumored to be the ones responsible for the crime and underbelly of the area, not much is known except that they are mentioned when dark matters arise.

The Trouble with Mercenaries

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